Gateshead pensioners to be given food destined for landfill in bid to stop malnutrition in town

Cosy Crow Community Cafe opens to help the thousands of older people in Gateshead now faced with the choice of heating their homes or eating properly

Hungry pensioners are to be given food previously destined for landfill amid fears older people are suffering severe malnutrition in Gateshead.

A special cafe was opened on Thursday to help reduce the thousands of struggling old folk faced with the heartbreaking decision to “heat or eat”.

Gateshead Older People’s Assembly has opened Cosy Crow Community Cafe to provide much needed nourishment to pensioners who may otherwise be going hungry.

The cafe, which operates on a “pay what you can” basis, will be serving food which would usually be thrown into landfill. The food, which is supplied to the community cafe through the FareShare charity, is in-date surplus from the food industry and the type of produce that is supplied varies from week to week.

During 2014/15, Gateshead was one of five areas in the UK selected to pilot the national Malnutrition Prevention Programme.

According to the research form the project, the number of older people in the town who are affected by malnutrition, or at risk of it, was estimated to be over 5,000.

The Malnutrition Task Force project identified that 37% of older people admitted to hospital were malnourished.

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