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I had a visit from a ‘ Compliance officer’ someone had made an allegation against me, that I’m able bodied, that I’m up and about, doing my own housework, walking my dog. Those who have firstly, read my previous blog know this is far from the truth, in fact impossible.

I have friends who voted Tory, for which I do not judge them ( it’s part of the ‘ human condition ‘ to do so ) but those who know me in real life please put aside your images of what people who are in receipt of National insurance claims are like. I’m the true face of ‘ benefits street ‘. Not those you see on Television or read about in the press. I and many others like me. We’re the True face. I would ask you to look at what the government that you voted for is doing to those like me. Lives are being lost, it was very close to me becoming one of those. Fortunately I had 1) Sufficient medical evidence to disprove the malicious report 2) My very appearance was testimony to the fact I that I’m seriously ill. The police have accepted this as a hate crime. The DWP have instantly dropped the case as being ‘ no case’. The person who made such a horrendous allegation will be receiving a cease and desist order. My daughter ( currently studying Law) has a influential contact within prestigious Law chambers in London. The Barrister she contacted on my behalf will sign the cease and desist order.

This was s Hate Crime. I value my privacy, but I’m prepared to take this to the press and become a ‘ true face of ‘ real ‘ benefits street. Send out a strong message to those who contact the Government much loved ‘ fraud’ hotline, that if they do so maliciously then the Law will be used against them.

I’m now feeling worse, my condition worsened by the stress and trauma of such a dreadful act, from a person who doesn’t even know me. Yes, reports to the the Fraud line are ‘Anonymous ‘ but as it’s a Crime, the police can find out who you are. You may find yourself homeless, not permitted to live in close vicinity to me.

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