Significant decline’ in UK life expectancy, health officials warned

Public Health England confirms there has been a fall in life expectancy, particularly among older women. Critics blame unhealthy lifestyles, government cuts to social care budgets and worsening GP and hospital care.

Health officials are currently investigating a “significant decline” in life expectancy across the country.

An email sent to Public Health England by Darwen Council’s director of public health, Dominic Harrison, said: “The council had seen a sustained reduction in life expectancy.”

He said reductions in life expectancy such as this are “extremely unusual.”

Figures suggest a women’s life expectancy, which stood at 85, has fallen in recent years.

The email, sent before Christmas and seen by the Health Service Journal, said: “In Blackburn and Darwen there have been reductions for both men and women, as well as some signs of a reduction in life expectancy for men at 65.”

The email was described as an “alert” and calls for a national review to analyse “the causes and developing local/national recovery plans.”

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2 thoughts on “Significant decline’ in UK life expectancy, health officials warned

  1. Oh dear and we are all going to retire later because we are living longer. Was it 9 months extra life to be paid for by women with 5 -8 years longer at work? Was the increase in life expectancy a lucky blip?

  2. Well what a surprise not, not that long ago they up the the retirement age because the elderly was draining resources that didn’t kill them off , so I know lets cut their benefits and starve the f#####s that will get rid of a lot, then we attack the disabled they hopefully commite suicide that will get rid of a few more harsh words I know but that’s what it looks like bit like hitler get rid of the weak and feeble what is so great about England because I just don’t see it any more

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