The health and wellbeing of children

Amendment to Welfare Reform and Work Bill requires DWP to report annually on
the health and wellbeing of children

The following amendment has been tabled and will be put to a vote by Lord Ramsbotham and Baroness Meacher on Monday at the report stage of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

​It is a ​vital begin​​n​ing, if passed, to linking welfare to health as the word “welfare” implies

The poorest families with children in the UK are being forced deeper and deeper into debt and hunger, mental and physical illness.

Rent and council tax arrears are being enforced against shredded benefit incomes in work and unemployment.

Ever increasing rents take an ever higher proportion of incomes needed for food, fuel and other necessities.

The DWP should think about its role in the prevention of ill health rather than create ever increasing demands on the NHS for treatment.

Rev Paul Nicolson


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