What’s happening to this world?, asks ‘cripple’ with one functioning arm as he faces benefits cut

A PARTIALLY-SIGHTED man with one functioning arm says he feels “harassed” after being told all his benefits could be stopped by the Government.

Michael Wright, who lives in Royal College Street, Camden Town, has a completely limp right arm and still is prescribed top-level pain medication following a motorcycle crash 20 years ago.

He said: “I realise that I’m no longer a fit member of society. I don’t expect much. I would like to have some perks, not much – I don’t expect to go to the pub or the cinema. But I do like some things, I like to get a bottle of cologne now and then because I can start to smell a bit.”

He added: “What people do not realise is that this can happen to anyone, anyone can cross the street and get run over. When you get injured like this you lose your friends, it is inevitable, people do not want to see others suffer.

Describing himself as a “cripple”, he has already had his benefits cut following welfare reforms and has been told he will lose his remaining benefits – around £400 a month – if he does not complete a 50-page form by tomorrow (Friday).

He said: “What is happening to this world? I cannot even see the form properly and I only have one arm working, the other one just dangles. Now I am in a financial mess – it’s the first time in 20 years I’ve been in the red.”

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3 thoughts on “What’s happening to this world?, asks ‘cripple’ with one functioning arm as he faces benefits cut

  1. The plight of this gentleman is expressly the desired outcome of DWP / IDS policy. They not only have these intimidating forms, which have to be filled out every time one is “reassessed”, no matter how incapacitated must be one at regular intervals, but they have withdrawn services for the blind. The DWP have stopped producing correspondence in braille, and also stopped the service to help fill in forms by telephone, heavily used by the blind / partially sighted, but those with literacy problems, among many.

  2. “What’s happening to this world?”

    This is all part of the neonazi New American Century – where oppressive American regimes rule every nation on the planet because the wealthy elites think everything belongs to them – when they are not killing people for fun they are making it almost impossible for those alive to live

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