DWP “stubbornly ignoring” calls for sanctions review

A coalition of national Churches and charities has criticised the Department for Work and Pensions over its refusal to undertake a full review of the benefit sanctions system…………………….

In March this year, the Churches published a report showing that nearly 100,000 children had been affected by sanctions in 2014 alone and that people with mental health problems were being sanctioned at a rate of more than 100 per day. As a result of their campaign more than 2,000 people wrote to their MPs asking them to support a review of the system.

The report told stories like that of Martin*, aged 60, who missed an appointment with the job centre because his wife died suddenly. He was sanctioned for six weeks, leaving him with nothing to live on and in a state of confusion as his wife had previously handled most of their joint paperwork. He came to the local church for help and charity Acts435 helped him with his living expenses until he could come to terms with the new shape his life had taken.

“The Government claims that sanctions help people into work, but the evidence for this claim is practically non-existent,” added Mr Morrison. “However, there is plenty of evidence that sanctions cause hardship, suffering and hunger. Any system that seeks to ‘change people’s behaviour’ by using hunger as a weapon is immoral.”

Read more here: http://methodist-news.org.uk/BVI-3R6O6-0EIVD5NT34/cr.aspx


4 thoughts on “DWP “stubbornly ignoring” calls for sanctions review

  1. If they had the courage of their convictions then they’d have no problem in reviews as they’d believe the outcome would be in their favour, but obviously that’s not the case and so they dig their heels in further whilst other humans are continuing to be harmed i this way.

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