England has the highest Imprisonment rates in Western Europe

OK, this is not strictly about benefits.

But we have the number of people with mental illnesses in our prisons skyrocketing and the removal of legal aid. We  have people being sanctioned and removed from the benefit system by many other means, including wearing down the sick to a point where they cannot face going through another ‘medical assessment’ We have the imposition of court charges on claimants, with swinging increases in those fines should they plead innocent and then be declared guilty. We have over a million people using the Trussel Trust foodbanks alone. We have soaring rates of debt, destitution and eviction amongst our most vulnerable.

And now we see this:

Imprisonment rates w europe

Data for October 2015 from the International Centre for Prison Studies, (with thanks to the Howard Lead for Penal Reform Scotland for posting it on my twitter feed)


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