Fighting Brent Council for rent in advance and a deposit for a disabled man’s flat

Brent council promises deposit and rent in advance, then just won’t pay up.

Right. This is a post about trying to house a disabled tenant and trying to find a deposit and rent in advance… Read on for more about one weapons-grade shambles that I’ve seen first-hand. I wonder how many people are having this sort of dire experience as more and more people are shifted out of inner London boroughs…

This is a story about Brent Council’s great reluctance to cough up the rent in advance and deposit on a place for a disabled man who was rehoused out of an absolute dump of a flat earlier this year. This situation really is a shambles. I would be happy to talk about it with the council, except that the council won’t talk to me. My attempts to contact the council have gone unanswered to date, so I am saying Boo Hiss to the council right now. I am posting this to talk to the internet about the problem instead. I am also hoping Brent will see this post and respond to me and everybody else and FINALLY AGREE TO MEET TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM.

Earlier this year, I attended an emergency homelessness meeting at Brent Council with a man in his 50s who has learning difficulties and health problems. The meeting was held at Brent Council‘s very flash Civic Centre which is next to Wembley stadium. (This is the Civic Centre that the council opened a couple of years ago with a legendary £98,000 ceremony if I may digress for a moment . Brent is also the council that famously found £12,000 for a virtual assistant hologram for its reception desk. I like holograms – who doesn’t – but you see where I am going here. There is some money sloshing about at Brent Council – for opening ceremonies and holograms, at least).

Money can be harder to come by if you’re looking to rehouse a disabled man, though.
The man with learning difficulties had been living in this mould-encrusted hellhole in Kilburn:


He’d received an eviction notice, because his landlord wanted the property back. He needed rehousing fast. This man was terribly stressed by all of this. He hates change and he had also been distressed for months about the mould and mice in his flat (the council came and inspected the place when I called to complain about the mould, just by the way. I asked the council for the results of that inspection a couple of months ago. I’ve heard nothing more on that, either. Brent Council may be good opening ceremonies, but it really is useless at communication.

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