DWP Blacklists Disabled Journalist Over His Research Into Impact Of Welfare Reforms

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From today’s National.

DISABLED journalist John Pring, who uncovered the first suicide case directly linked to the UK Government’s welfare cuts this week, has been blacklisted by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over his in-depth investigations.

The editor of Disability News Service (DNS), launched in April 2009 to probe issues that affect the lives of disabled people, says the DWP has stopped answering any of his questions.

The news service focuses on issues such as discrimination, equality, independent living, benefits, poverty and human rights, but also covers arts, culture and sport.

Pring worked for months gathering evidence to back up his story that, for the first time, a coroner had blamed the death of mentally disabled Michael O’Sullivan on his recent work capability assessments.

He managed to get hands on coroner Mary Hassell’s determination into his suicide, her Prevention of Future Deaths report sent to the DWP calling…

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One thought on “DWP Blacklists Disabled Journalist Over His Research Into Impact Of Welfare Reforms

  1. These obnoxious, arrogant, insidiously nazi people do not have our interests in mind and are merely serving their own and their masters wishes upon a beleagured population. There is no sense of openess, no sense of transparency, no sense of meeting the requirements and wishes of the population. There is no democracy and no accountability. This almost exactly mirrors the same dynamic as my dealings with my local council – you know, the ones whose wages we pay through our taxes – the Forest of Dean, Harper’s backyard. These people insult us by calling us customers – and directly inverting the power relationship between us and our governance – WE ARE NOT CUSTOMERS WE ARE CITIZENS AND WE HAVE RIGHTS. They want our respect but are happy to shit on us. They do not see what they are doing wrong because they believe they are always right. They don’t reply to my letters either. These people are in denial that it is us, the population, the electorate who’s money they misuse who are in charge and not them. They are NOT our bosses.

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