Maximus ‘Luring nurses and Health Workers from the NHS only to sack them, often within weeks’

Maximus Private Eye

(from Private Eye)

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12 thoughts on “Maximus ‘Luring nurses and Health Workers from the NHS only to sack them, often within weeks’

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  2. I can’t speak for Maximus, but, I know ATOS headhunted nurses from my local hospital, they offered them the earth, but were warned [by unions, etc] if they valued a complaint-free registration NOT to work for them and those that were tempted were soon either:
    1) Got rid of because they weren’t brutal enough and prepared to tell packs of lies.
    2) Their conscience didn’t get them past the training.
    3) Those that did conform and toed the [ATOS] line, ended with with blemishes on their record, because of complaints to the NMC.
    Any one that decides to work for this evil company, deserves everything they get because it’s not as if they haven’t been warned.

  3. Reblogged this on Sasson Hann and commented:
    All of this is about saving money, but ironically, if they just used evidence from G.P.s and consultants, imagine how much money could be saved, along with fewer appeals, compared to these useless tests that end up causing people to become more ill just through the stress of it all.

    People have said that allowing G.P.s to assess fitness would put undue pressure on them, but each practice could have a designated G.P. assessor who could work independently of your own G.P. The advantages of this is that the G.P. would have your medical information and evidence to hand in order to make a decision.

    We could save millions of pounds by doing this, money that could be used for higher benefit payments, especially for those claiming JSA, who are receiving a pitiable income that does not begin to cover living costs. The government might even find that without all of the extra stress, some disabled people could become well enough to work a little, whilst at present, many disabled people daren’t even suggest such a thing because they’re scared of losing their benefits.

    When you consider the corruption within Atos and Maximus, how the system just isn’t working for either the government or the claimant, one can only come to the conclusion that as usual it’s ‘money for the boys’.

    • Agreed. Sadly though, it’s also ideologically driven, so although the costs of running such a multi tiered and corrupt system end up saving nothing, it will carry on as IDS and co are on a crusade to get rid of the welfare state, not ‘save money’.. Saving money has never been the priority, getting rid of Public services has. The Tories have wasted billions on corporate welfare, vanity projects, ‘out sourcing’ dodgy NHS contracts, refusing to go to war with tax dodgers and tax fraudsters, getting Private sector company’s to T projects that keep being given to failing companies, and the list goes on. They know, we know, nut the dimwits who post comments on the BBC website clearly don’t, and they are the ones who lumber us with the Tories every time. They swallow whole the Tory presses lies and propaganda, with question, and then viciously attack as ‘lefties’ ‘marxists’ and ‘whining do-gooders’ (although apparently a new survey in the Toryograph shows ‘liberals’ are abusive and self centred according to their tweets and Right wingers are always polite and caring – haw!),for not agreeing with their narrow minded views.

  4. I work for Maximus as a nurse carrying out assessments and I can’t comment for other places but in my place of work this article is simply not true. When you start you undertake 4 weeks of intensive training whereby you have to pass various practical and written exams. If you fail more than 2 to 3 times you have to leave. You are fully informed of this at the interview. I onew by leaving my previous secure job there could be a risk I may be unemployed if I didn’t pass the course and I took that risk. I find quite a fair few of the clients I see unfit for work if I feel they really are even if they don’t meet our set criteria as we can do that. I have never once been told I am finding too many people not capable for work. Like I said I can’t speak for the rest of the country but I think you can’t believe everything you read in the media. It only takes one whistleblower or one centre not doing their job properly and the whole company gets a bad name.

    • Good for you for standing up for work you believe in. However, the success rate for ESA appeals is 52% and rising (figures from Sept 2015) Tribunal judges award these benefits based on the same point system that Maximus Health Care Professionals are using. We are talking about many thousands of sick and vulnerable people being wrongly assessed. This is not one whistleblower and one below par assessment centre. There is clearly something very very wrong here.

      I recently helped a lady who went from no points at all to 45 points and the support group, at her tribunal. How is this possible if there is nothing wrong with this system, administered by Maximus on behalf of the DWP?

    • The above comment is nonsense. The writer claims to have received four weeks of intensive training yet is unable to use any of the terms found in WCA instead using “unfit for work” and “not capable for work”

      The writer goes on to claim that they decide someone’s eligibility based on whether they “feel” that the claimant is unfit for work – that indicates how flawed the eligibility test is when if it can be decided on this unscientific basis. Total quackery.

      If the writer does work for Maximus then he or she should be aware that they do not have the power to make any decision about the claimant’s fitness for work, that is the responsibility of the DWP decision maker not Maximus.

      Provide the blog with a link to the guidance that states ” if they don’t meet our set criteria” you can find someone unfit for work.

      Yeah it only takes fraud cases in the US,missed (reduced) targets,protests outside examination centres, incompetence, CEO’s selling their shares before announcements on missed targets, massive nationwide backlogs, doubled costs, inability to recruit enough staff for WCA’s,inaccessible assessment centres, up to 15,000 claimants dead in 5 years, 590+ suicides (largely under Atos where Maximus got most of their staff), condemnation from MP’s, charities, service users – and the whole company gets a bad name!

      And still no financial savings made.

      True you can’t believe everything you read in the media like the planted stories of “75% are fit to work” and “Medics attacked over fitness to work tests”.

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