Below Half Of All PIP Claims Are Successful As Award Rates Fall

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The percentage of claimants getting an award of personal independence payment (PIP) has fallen again, both for new claims and for disability living allowance (DLA) to PIP reassessments.

New PIP claims
According to the latest figures released by the DWP today, just 42% of new claims for PIP were successful in July 2015, compared to 43% in June and 46% in May.

If withdrawn claims are not counted the figures rise by 1% each month, to 43% in July, 44% in June and 47% in May.

At their highest, in March 2014, award rates for new PIP claims were at 62%.

The overall success rate for PIP claims, since the benefit was introduced, now stands at 48%.

DLA to PIP reassessment claims
The figures for DLA to PIP reassessments are much higher, but still following a downward trend.

In July 2015, 69% of…

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