Homeless Former Soldier With PTSD Forced To Beg Outside Cambridge Asda

I have a similar story. Our local beggar is also an ex-soldier. I have done my best to help him but he just wont jump through the hoops, even with offers of help. I tried to help with disability benefits but he never once turned up to a meeting. How to help people like this? At least he has housing now, but is still begging to cover his council tax bill and the shortfall in housing benefit.

Same Difference

Spotted on Facebook:

Further to my post yesterday in regards to the ex service man who was outside Asda Cambridge with a sign asking for help, he was again there today and was kind enough to let me photograph his sign. He told me he was staying on Coldhams Lane in a shelter and has been for a while. We chatted again and he showed me his horrific wound scars and I mentioned that I put his plight on facebook and he said others had as well. I also told him of the help available and he said he is onto it. I have said that if he is there tomorrow I’ll give him the details some of you have kindly given me. Please share both of the statuses to help raise awareness of this disgusting situation.

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One thought on “Homeless Former Soldier With PTSD Forced To Beg Outside Cambridge Asda

  1. The soldier does not have to go to meetings at Jobcentre,,their just trying on everybody. They dont tell you your rights,,they just make it up. Its going to be stopped though.

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