Bedroom Tax, Council Tax, I’m disabled and just about ready to give up.

This was posted on the facebook page “Moved to get out of bedroom tax but can’t move to get out of council tax”


“I moved 2 yeaŕs this June after I had 56 square ft (too much space in my flat). I lived there 12 yrs. I’ve had bailiffs here since the move as the move put me in debt and now, (I’m 45. Was on DLA now on PIP) I’m just about ready to give up. My eldest left for uni. My youngest is 15 this sat.

I have fought for 2 yrs to get Riverside Housing to bring this house up to standard. Tried Shelter and environmental health but they cant help anyone in a housing association as they have their own policies in place. I’ve been hospitalised this year and brought back from an overdose.

I emailed cameron… got a thank you for contacting us kinda email back but nothing.

I’m pretty much done. I moaned 18 months ago that I got moved by force by the bedroom tax. I still have no carpets or curtains. I had no cooker for months aw man…. its been shit. Isolated shit. 12 years of being included in neighborhood society.

I’m an agoraphobic. I don’t know where the heck a flippin post box is here. Don’t know a neighbor that might pop a letter in a post box for me and…. I owe council tax because they don’t do it like they used to. They used to take you on merit of housing benefit. I tried on line for council tax but they need me to print n post anyway?!!!

Done. I got 2 huuuuge tvs (90.s style) … a contract phone and a barbie cd player ….. come get it bitches its all I have left. 😐


3 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax, Council Tax, I’m disabled and just about ready to give up.

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  2. I’m hoping that some of us can help these sorts of people. Make regular donations. The only down side of this of course is that the DWP would take any regular ‘giving’ into consideration. You couldn’t make it up! You can’t afford a bill, but no one is allowed to pay it for you. It sounds like this lady needs urgent help however, and a face to face meeting would be best.

    It makes me so angry to continue to hear of these things.

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