Obese people and drug users who refuse treatment could have benefits cut

The government appears to believe that forcing addicts into treatment unwillingly can work. I doubt if there are many therapists that agree with this. However, as yet another mechanism for siphoning our national insurance money into the hands of private outsourcing companies, it makes perfect sense.

David Cameron launches review by Dame Carol Black of welfare for those with drug, alcohol or obesity problems

A full-scale review is to be launched into whether tens of thousands of obese people and those with drug and alcohol problems should be deprived of benefits unless they accept treatment.

A consultation paper launched on Wednesday for a review to be completed before the end of the year by Dame Carol Black admits strong ethical issues are at stake. But it also questions whether such people should continue to receive benefits if they refuse government-provided treatment.

The review, which was limited to obese people when it was first outlined in February, will now be expanded to include the cost of drug dependency and alcoholism to society and taxpayers.

The consultation paper stresses that the purpose of the review is not punitive but to “consider how best to support those suffering from long-term yet treatable conditions back into work or to remain in work”.

The review is designed to “establish the role such treatable conditions play in causing worklessness and estimate the associated cost to the exchequer and the economy”.

It will also consider the groups most at risk of becoming workless through treatable conditions in future and the support available to them, including incentives on employers.

Read the rest of this article here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jul/29/benefits-drugs-alcohol-obesity-refusing-treatment-review?CMP=twt_gu



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