Chronically-ill dad kills himself with electric saw after fearing his sickness benefits would be changed again

Glenn Harris, who couldn’t work because of lupus and auto-immune disease, was “profoundly worried” about having to go through the reassessment procedure

A chronically ill dad of two committed suicide with an electric saw because he was scared his benefits would be changed again, an inquest heard.

Glenn Harris, 55, who couldn’t work due to lupus and auto-immune disease, became “profoundly worried” about the Government’s proposed cuts to disability payments.

He used the power tool to kill himself just weeks after telling his ex-wife he “couldn’t go through all that again” – referring to his fitness to work being reassessed. Mr Harris had not left a suicide note but there was a manual open next to his body, the coroner heard today.

His ex-wife, Gayle Harris, told the inquest in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, he was a “kind, caring man” but possible changes to his benefits, alongside his health problems, and bereavements, became “too much for him”.

Paramedics and the police were called to his home in Freeston Street, Cleethorpes, on February 10 after his son and a brother-in-law could not get a reply from his home. A family member forced entry and found the body of father-of-two Mr Harris slumped on the floor. There was blood on the walls and ceiling and he had suffered serious injuries from an electric saw, which was near his body and still plugged in.

In the weeks leading up to his suicide, Mrs Harris said he “looked absolutely dreadful. He said he had not eaten for two days. He was very shaky,” she added. “He was panicking about these benefit letters. He looked so poorly.”

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