DWP To Terminally Ill Claimant: If You Don’t Die Within Six Months, We’ll Prosecute You

Same Difference

A shocking post from The People Vs The Government, DWP And ATOS.

Linda Cox

A lady came in to see me today. She was beside herself as the DWP had treated her very badly over numerous different aspects of her claim. She had been misled and lied to, but this is the thing that’s making me want to roll some heads…

Her phone call to DWP last year….

Lady: I am calling to inform you of changes to my health; I now have cancer.
DWP: Well?
Lady: I was told to inform you of any changes to my health.
DWP: Well, are you going to die?
Lady: I’m not sure. I’ve only just been diagnosed.
DWP: Well, I can put you through on the special rules for terminal claimants, but if you don’t die within six months we will prosecute you.

She was so taken aback, she didn’t get…

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2 thoughts on “DWP To Terminally Ill Claimant: If You Don’t Die Within Six Months, We’ll Prosecute You

  1. Hi , my name is Jane , I am 57 and have worked all my life . I had an accident 6 yrs ago ( broke my collarbone ) it got better … went back to work doing 12 he shifts in Laundry. My left shoulder and arm was really painful ( I’m left handed ) but I was taking painkillers because I didn’t want to be out of work . Eventually an mri scan has shown a 6×4 mm tear in my shoulder which I am awaiting surgery . I woke up in pain every night …. I’ve been awarded o points from Atos ( accessed in Dec )I’m being forced to look for work and go to job centre …… no one will employ me because of my shoulder prob . My doctor gave me a 3 month sick note yesterday and is 100% on my side . I am so stressed in pain an d worried about this operation let alone dealing with the impossible job centre.

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