Learning disabled and the #workprogramme. My experience with Mark

I'm a JSA Claimant

Last week I attended the work programme for the first time this year.  My part-time Xmas work ended in January so I signed back on – but I was feeling anxious.  For over a year now whenever I attend any place associated with DWP I have found myself struggling. Inside my head I’m like a pressure cooker steamed up and tense. I often find myself physically shaking. It’s ridiculous and frustrating but sometimes I cannot write my own signature as I struggle to hold a pen. This has been going on since my benefit sanction in December 2013.

A few things have changed since I last attended the work programme; there is a new manager, fewer staff and they have moved into a new building. The place is small with six computers available. Staff desks are mingled between the spaces available to ‘clients’.  The old manager filled the walls with quotes…

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