63 weeks on esa assessment rate and still waiting for a work capability assessment.

from the Facebook Page ‘Atos Miracles’

“63 weeks on esa assessment rate and still waiting for a work capability assessment.

Aatos sent a nice doctor round with Nigerian medical services on his bag . And then I lost my DLA mobility for PTSD as the doctor did not take any information given to him and twisted what I said. When I read the doctors medical report I was absolutely incensed with anger at the total bullshit he had wrote. I remember him shaking my hand as he left ;  if I had know the lying and crap he put in I would have headbutted him. So I had my DLA taken away. Complained to Atos and it was decided the doctors report was not good enough. So I’m going to a tribunal.

Im now in complete debt and being hounded on the phone by companies I owe money 2.  Had my phone suspended so cant contact mental health team when I need help. Now surviving by wonga loan and food banks. Gone without heating, electric food. Life’s a fucking struggle at the moment and why am I struggling because of Atos taking its time. I would have never believed one could have so much hardship inflicted on people who are ill. But that’s what this government are doing to people, starving them hounding them, messing with peoples anxiety and depression and forcing people into suicide. Its a fucking outrage and I cant believe its happening in my own country. And Atos have the cheek to say they want out off the WCA coz there staff are getting death threats, that’s a fucking insult to all the people Atos hounded to their deaths. I’m lucky I have people from Mind helping me without them I don’t know where i’d be . Any way fuck Atos and fuck Iian Duncan Smith.”


3 thoughts on “63 weeks on esa assessment rate and still waiting for a work capability assessment.

  1. Yes I agree with you these ATOS incompetent doctors are utterly scum bag ,when you go for assessment incompetent ATOS doctor will be sweet nice on your face but they will stab you behind your back with absolutely pack of lies .

  2. Hi I have been on esa over 2 years, 1st year claim got closed. ass didn’t have a medical now on the 2nd year past the 12 month period and ive called for a medical many times they say they have lost my file I have to wait. they lost it over 8 months ago? that has my personal information how can they lose it?

    i’m getting £82 every two weeks in my account, my landlord expects £11 a week from that which I cannot afford to pay as it will leave me with £30 a week to survive.

    i’m still waiting and waiting my depression is getting really bad I just feel like giving up and killing myself as I feel stuck.

    if I do kill myself no1 will get in trouble? hows that fair. they push us and push us. and I bet people have killed themselves as they cannot deal with the stress of it all. and trying to survive off pennys. I live in a tiny room I rent and I was brought up in care im 22 but feel like my life is over. I left care with no id. no bank account.. nothing to have a good life. the systems is so messed up.

    • So sorry to read this. Please dont give up and kill yourself! You’ve been waiting over 2 years for an assessment? I think you should speak to your MP, ask him/her to hurry things up at the dwp. Hang on in there, these bad times will pass, there is a life for you in the future. There’s several good facebook communities that will help you. Try ‘Disability and benefits support – dont go alone’ and 4UP. The first one with the long long name may be able to find someone near to you that can help, but they can both help online too. Also you should contact the mental health charity Mind, which may have a local branch.

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