Sanctioned on her first signing date

From the Facebook page Atos Miracles,8th March 2014

My sister was sanctioned on her first signing date reason being she had only applied for jobs only off the Internet? She never received any jsa , she was also caring for our Mum and was told to try for Carers allowance so she went to her jobcentre to enquire and the adviser the one that sanctioned her said “get someone else to look after her” Mum is 91 and is bed ridden with a stroke, the adviser said if you can care for your Mum you can get a proper job as a carer. My sister did not appeal she was to upset and reckons you have no chance against the system.

19 thoughts on “Sanctioned on her first signing date

  1. I’m really sorry, and I do hope that your mum’s health improves a little. What wonderful children she has.
    As for that heartless b&stard who sanctioned your sister and then proceeded to tell her to get a job as a carer, I would have stood up and shouted out what she had said so that everyone could have heard it! What a despicable thing to do!
    If your sister goes back to the jobcentre then ask her to take along some recording device – mobile phone, dictaphone etc.
    I’m that angry I’m shaking – I hate these type of little hitlers who find fault in everything and enjoy doing it as well. Let’s hope that these type of people start having sleepless nights, in fear of being sacked!

    • Indeed. What is the world coming to when someone can act in such a callous manner towards a fellow human being whose elderly mother is ill. Compassion and empathy obviously need teaching these days and should in my opinion be manadatory qualities.

  2. Please tell her she needs to appeal! Not only will appealing get her, her money back but if benefit tales could set up a full dossier and send it to someone who is sympathetic to your cause you could get something done. I have had it drummed into me enough times when I have felt very suicidal, if you don’t try you will never know how successful you can be.
    Also if she doesn’t appeal, then she is in effect saying they are right, They Are Not! please do not accept the sanction, go in on Monday and kick ass ( though not literally )

  3. Oh and to all carers out there, Bless you, you are the backbone of society, without you all, this country could not function!

  4. Get their names,find out where they live,organise peaceful demonstrations outside their houses,shame them in front of the neighbours,get as many people as possible to “send them to Coventry”…..eventually they will get it especially if nobody wants to be around them,Billy No Mates will take its toll..Once the next election comes around these people will all be targeted and sacked with little hope of further employment,their best hope….leave the UK along with their fraudulent employers.

  5. their time is coming fast if ids rtu has is his haven’t they heard he wants to sack most of his staff in the jcp yet they still give out this crap another loyal dh to the end perhaps when its their time to get that push onto the jcp will they be asking their ex mates please don’t sanction me but like they were sanctioned they say for being a pain yet they never think of that ids isn’t to be trusted one little bit
    I can only say to that sister get help fight back atleast claim that carers allowance its your right to even thou you think its your duty then its the states duty to look after you both
    jump across to there are very many there who help each other through

  6. Tell your local MP get the name of the advisor NAME and SHAME, disgusted with them all. I looked after my dying sister a few years ago while working full time, it damn near killed me. I saved the authorities a fortune and got nothing off them

  7. I am in shock, just can not believe that a system could be so callous. How can she get someone to look after mum, she would have to pay someone or put her into an home which costs much more than a pension. Everyone has the right to look after their own parents. Disgusting name and shame

  8. Yes appeal.
    Applying for jobs on the Internet is the de facto and often the ONLY way most companies deal with applicants nowadays! You literally CAN’T call or walk-in. And if you do walk-in to retail places, you are pointed to kiosk with the Internet.

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