Fit Enough to Protest, Fit enough to Work?

Yesterday was a national day of protest against Atos, there were demonstrations outside over 140 regional offices across the country.

One demonstration arrived to find a placard outside saying:

“Fit Enough to Protest, Fit Enough to Work’

Here is the response from one protestor, written on the Facebook page ‘Atos Miracles’

This needs to be officially complained about and PROOF that Atos DO NOT understand what sickness and disability is. Yep, I went to a protest today. In so much pain as a result I would cry if I had the energy. I have not eaten properly today and have bags of crisps next to my bed for the rest of the night, no chance of getting to the kitchen for a hot drink. Will be sleeping in my clothes tonight. My professional carer is prepped that I’ll be unable to move and speak when she comes in the morning (as she always sees after activity). But yes, I’m well enough to go out to work 40 hrs a week because I put myself through that BECAUSE I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO DIE. And yes…actually I have worked when I can, from my bed, from my home, at great physical cost. If an organisation doesn’t get that they should not be assessing sick/disabled people. Please share.

(Comment) Like someone’s going to sit freezing their arse off in a wheelchair for nowt in order to help their fellow man rather than spend that time in a comfortable warm office earning money for their time!

(comment) The disabled people who bravely attended Doncaster today-it was very cold, and they could only stay outside for an hour or so-but they came and were supported by their able bodied friends who continued on until it was too cold to stay any longer-8am til 4pm was no mean feat on one of the quietest streets in the town

(comment)  Atos assuming there are jobs out there that involve protesting once a month. How many fingers do you need for that, and how much is the salary?

(comment) I’m not disabled but I protest. Why? Because I haven’t lost my humanity yet. I work to as a paramedic, what a totally crass sign that is, shows what pathetic mindsets these people have and just how little they can be trusted to deal with people in need of some assistance.

(comment)  I thought they’ll use that against the protesters, all you need to look out for is a job that requires a professional protester

(comment)  I thought the same thing. It’s probably why they’ve targeted the sick/disabled because if we fight back they will use it against us

18 thoughts on “Fit Enough to Protest, Fit enough to Work?

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  2. Sad thing is that when I heard about the protests, I just knew someone would say that taking part in them makes you fit for work. No winning with the DWP – can protest – can work, cannot protest – just take what we are dishing out and don’t complain. Soon being conscious during GP home visits will make you fit for work.

  3. at atos they made of steel no brain no heart just cold yet they abuse thedisabled and sick daily but see it as their holly mission inlife or is it just that bonus and monies made them heartless jeff3

  4. next they will be saying if your fit enough to go to the toilet your fit enough to go to work they have no idea of a persons day to day struggle of survival and they dont care!!!!

  5. From my own experience I can confirm that the whole DWP / Atos assessment process is a complete scam – For the majority of claimants soon as you enter the building you are deemed fit for work regardless of your disabilities or health problems / status. To state the obvious the assessment tool is instrumental in this governments torture and harassment of claimants when it is in its pursuit of its own right wing agenda backed up by an obliging media machine. The sick, disabled and unemployed provide a easy scapegoat. The similarities to the Third Reich grow daily – British democracy is at risk!

  6. Gibberish. Totally ignores the fact its a DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to protest against state persecution. The right to protest IS NOT reliant on a person’s social standing, nor their bloody employment status! Im fuming. Imagine if MLK was confronted with a sign saying ‘If you dont like it, move to another country’ before his “I have a dream’ moment?

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  8. I got letters from Atos and DWP for 6 months threatening to cut off my benefit. Funny that. I was not getting any. I was never permitted to start. But it shows that UK’s national debt, as great as Labour in last 2 governments, will crush the banks and ruin all our lives, whilst the Tories think they are saving the nation. We have as much debt as the Weimar Republic. Who says so? Moneyweek.

    Instead of asking the Nazis and Marie Antoinettes that rules us to change. Fat chance.

    Whilst not start a whole new political party and vote it into government.

    With 13 million struggling to make ends meet each day. With millions losing most or all state pension forever. With the working poor the majority of people going to food banks to feed the kids. With Labour and Tories unable to keep doctors so ending the NHS.

    Are we not half or more of the population?

    Help make The Swans new party a reality and save tens of thousands of lives from May 2015.
    Vote New or Starve Year 2015.

  9. Repeatedly, reliably, safely. Isn’t that the criteria for being able to do tasks and, therefore, be able to carry out certain jobs? So, using their own regulations, the disabled protesters would have had to have turned up and protested in an identicle manner for several days in a row, right? With a clear indication that they could repeat this, without any detrimental affects, for weeks/months on end?
    Perhaps Atos should read their own regulations before showing the world what incompetent, ignorant fools many of them are.

  10. I too was disgusted when I read that sign – and then I got bloody angry! It should be shown everywhere and state that Atos did it. It should be looked at by ordinary people so that they can see just how hated the disabled are by Atos themselves. We are doomed before we even go into a WCA – you can see that by the sign they left. What cruel, hardhearted, so called health professionals they employ in these places – “First Do No Harm” – they do harm and they enjoy it!
    Hopefully, the “health professionals” will have a tough time getting a job when Atos finally closes it’s doors, and I feel no sympathy at all for them – they deserve to find out what it’s like to be destitute and not have enough to eat and pay bills.
    Atos wants out now by saying that the WCA is no longer of any help to themselves, the DWP and their “customers”!!!! We’ve been saying that all along but you wouldn’t shift or change your mind, would you?
    We should shout out for our GP’s or Consultants to do our assessments from what they see, not what they are told to do by a set of questions that have absolutely no bearing on any of us. No-one is the same and each and every illness is different and affects people in a variety of ways. Do away with this abysmal test, take our doctors/consultants opinions and give us back our money and our dignity!
    I hope that Atos are going to stop doing the PIP assessments as well…

    • Atos says the sign was not placed by any of their people. There is no proof that ‘Atos did it’, We do have a lot of valuable responses showing just why the placard is wrong.

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