Revealed: Cancer sufferer left penniless after Atos keep him waiting six months for assessment for vital financial help

ATOS chiefs issued an apology and admitted they have a backlog crisis after the Daily Record took up the case of 52-year-old George Kerr – who is still waiting to be assessed despite applying for support last August.

A CANCER sufferer has been left penniless after benefits testing firm Atos kept him waiting six months for an appointment.

Last night, Atos chiefs admitted they have a backlog crisis and their system is in meltdown after the Record took up the case of George Kerr, who has devoted his life to helping disabled people in his town. They apologised after we discovered community hero George – who suffers from a rare form of blood cancer – has still not been assessed by them despite applying for support last August.

George travels more than 100 miles from his home in Fort William to Glasgow’s Beatson for lifesaving treatment each week. The trips cost him £45 in petrol alone. But he has still not received a penny in Personal Independence Payments (PIP) from the Government. The delay has left him to get by on basic sick pay – and plunged him into poverty at a time when he is trying to fight the deadly cancer.

Grandfather George, 52, who works with children with learning difficulties, pleaded for us to step in – saying he thought Atos were simply waiting for him to die.

He said: “It is a total disgrace. I have no idea what the delay is. Are Atos just stalling for time to see if my  conditions gets worse?  It’s scandalous. Times have been tough. My family thought they were going to lose me – the stress levels have been through the roof. I didn’t ask to get cancer but now I am just asking for the wee bit of help that I am entitled to.”

“I applied for the PIP which is supposed to provide help towards some of the extra costs arising from a health condition or disability. I applied through the MacMillan nurses who were well aware of my condition. Months down the line, I have still heard nothing. And whenever I contact Atos to ask what on earth is going on, I am just fobbed off. I am a hard-working man who has worked all his life.

“Over the 36 years of my working life, I have paid more than £52,000 in National Insurance. Yet, when I need support, I can get nothing and I’m treated like an idiot. I am not asking them to make special allowances for me, I just want what I am rightfully entitled to.

read the rest of this article by Stephen Stewart in the  Daily Record here :

3 thoughts on “Revealed: Cancer sufferer left penniless after Atos keep him waiting six months for assessment for vital financial help

  1. I am a 50yr old woman and was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer on the 1st June 2013 and I have been waiting 8 months and still not heard from atos regarding the pip I first applied for on 10th June 2013. I can’t believe that I am still no nearer getting my claim sorted out, this benefit is meant to help people like myself towards the extra costs that come when your a cancer sufferer. As well as having bile duct/ pancreatic cancer and having major life saving surgery and I have lost 7 & half stone in weight in just under 5months I am currently undergoing weekly chemotherapy treatment I have now also suffered a number of mini strokes due to the intensive treatment I am having. I just feel like I am being treated so unfairly and it’s like as though atos are hoping that I will lose my battle whilst they are digging their heels delaying my claim like this then they won’t have to pay anything to me. They have had all the information that they would need from the specialist teams involved with me from the very beginning so I really do not understand what the hold up actually is.

  2. Disgusting. Send them a summons threaten them with court action and also send a summons to CaMORON. as he is just as guilty for causing this situation. He makes the rules for ATOS to follow. Good luck mate getting what is rightfully yours. X

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