Chucked off Sickness benefits and forced to sign on, but not fit to look for jobs let alone do them

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A bit of advice for those who have been chucked off esa and forced to sign on, but are not fit to look for the jobs let alone do them. Well last week was my first signing on day, as I’d been for interview there the week before. At the interview I told the guy that I dont wanna sign to say I’m fit for work when I’m not!

He said a few times that if I want any money I must sign it. So I said, well I aint gonna look or work! So he told me I had to apply for a certain amount of jobs per week or I wont get paid. So I told him I aint fit to work and nobody will employ me unless I lied at my interview. Then I’d get fired straight away cus I wouldn’t manage to get there on time it at all. Well he was keeping his cool just looking blank at me. As we started to fill his on screen form in, he asked, so what job would u like to do. So I said, one where I can turn up when I want and go home when I want n get paid while I’m off!
He said u can’t say that! So he suggested things n I said after each one, well I cant do that because of…..and gave him the reason. I was there over an hour cus I just wouldnt play this stupid game. In the end we wrote some things down just to go home. So while at home I wrote on here saying how could I get out of doing job searches for a job I will never be able to do ( ive got fibromyalgia and cfs severely, so get brain fog, have sleep probs and of course the pain).

I was advised to get a sick note. So, I turned up on friday with a sick note for two weeks, as this is the longest they allow u, and only 2 in a year, or you will get signed off jsa. So iI gave this different advisor the sick note, which the doctor had included the third friday, making it 15 days, and I was told that because it was 15 days I dont have to sign on next fortnight either, so av to go in a months time, but need to bring along a two week job search list. So I told the man I didnt want to do it. I said I think I will bring another sick note in.
I said, how can I be asking esa to do me a reconsideration and if not successful an appeal, if I’m signing on to say I’m fit for work. I said its ridiculous. Writing to tell them I’m not fit to work. I said its stupid as I cant be both.

So I asked what would happen if I  brought in a second sicknote straight after, making it more than a two week one next time too. He said they will close your case and make u sign on esa. I said, how can that happen if I’ve been chucked off it?

He said , what happens when esa say your fit for work and job centre wont except u because they say ur not fit to work is……..wait for it………. They put u into a group called the holding.
Its wherepeople  are put that don’t seem to belong in either group till its decided through reconsideration that u can go back on it, but if it goes to appeal and u lose your appeal, which will be months and months away, only then do u have to def be on jsa and abide by the rules!

So all u lot, get to doctors on ur signing on day and get a sicknote for more than 2 weeks and get chucked of the jsa that we didnt want anyway, and join the holding group instead. Thanks the nice Job Centre Plus man. Xxxx


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  1. Sorry to see ppl are getting the same rubbish I’m getting told I’ve had 2 heart attacks also got h.c.v genotype 1 and chronic liver damage I’m waiting to start treatment for also on a very strong medication went to health assessment lasted for about ten minutes then got a letter to say I was fit for work and got no points terrible. been made to claim jsa but I’m not fit for any work it has all made me more stressed out system is all wrong going to appeal but who knows how long that will take I’m jst scared I get sanctions for being unwell and all the appointments I’ve got for me and my son as I’m a lone parent also my son is getting assessment for a.d.h.d don’t know what to do. Can anyone help.

  2. I had a stroke 2015 and couldnt work so got told by dwp had to claim esa but when I had a health assement they said im fit for work and esa stopped so claimed jsa now thete telling me that gona stop im still off its been 7months still having tests and not 100percent the stress makes you worse I dont know what to do as I have a job and dont get sick pay I dont think the dwp listen or just think people on benefits are wasters which isnt true

    • Hi my friend I’m on benifits and have had three strokes as well as other illnesses. Go to the citizens advice bureau. Also if you aren’t on personal independent payment Make a claim for that, the people at the Job centre will not tell you what you can claim. Good luck

  3. Hi.i m khan.i m on jsa.the jobcentre send me for back to work course.but i m not fit for how can i ignore the back to work course.

    • You can’t ignore it without the risk of being sanctioned. You can hand in sick notes for up to 13 weeks in a year, after this you will need to make a claim for ESA. If you have been refused ESA already you would have to prove that you have a new condition or that your condition has got much worse. It’s a minefield, you need to make an appointment with your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Welfare Rights. Don’t just ignore it.

        • Not sure what you mean by the holding group. If you have been turned down for ESA the fiirst stage in an appeal is mandatory reconsideration, and you’ll only get paid if you sign on for JSA. If you have been turned down at mandatory reconsideration and are applying for tribunal, you should be paid at ESA assessment rate, but you will need to hand in sick notes during this time.

          • hi ive just been chucked off esa on 15 /08/16 last week as didnt hit 15 points on dwp assesment and was told to claim job seekers allowance. I have a doctors note that runs out in 10 weeks which says i may be fit for work following the following advice, that i dont work more than 5 hrs a day, due to two bad accidents at work on my left ankle in the past . i phoned up to try and make a claim for jsa and when i was asked have i had any industrial accidents in the past i answered yes, then i was asked am i fit for work and i answered well not really as i cant do a fulltime job .Then i was told because i cant do a full time job anymore i do not quilify for jobseekers as you have to be activley available to do a fulltime job even if you work less than 16 hours a week . Then i was told to claim inustrial injuries/ disease benefit , then i phoned up to claim this and they said they need the dates of my accidents and i would have to be assessed on a percentage of disability starts at 14 percent up , all the rates are different and i can be scored on both accidents, and i can still go and work a full time job if i choose to , and get this benefit has well without any money taken off if i work. I now do not have any money coming in at present as i dont have a job and i have put in a appeal against my esa being stopped and i will wait and see what happens as in my appeal letter i have told them i do not qualify for jsa. .

  4. My son got put off the sickness benefit about 10 months ago , and told to sign on , he isn’t sble to do this and has had no money in all that time , it’s a nightmare , would he be able to sign sick again ?

    • If he’s too ill to work and was given a wrong decision, it’s not actually too late to appeal the decision. They will accept appeals up to a year after the decision if you can show good reson why the appeal is late. The great advantage of appealing is that if you win, all of his benefit will be backdated. For a new claim you would need a new medical condition or proof that he has got worse – easier to appeal.

  5. I was on esa and ive been taken of esa rang me and said i failed my medical at atos they said i had to sign on jobseeker im in poor health ive just been for lung function test the next day and been diagnosed with copd could anybody advise me what i should do thanx

  6. Why? while on sick do i have to call the job centre?
    They told me they would call me every two weeks to see how i was and if still on sick?
    which they never , so i rang them thinking i may have missed a call from them.
    To be told thank you for calling we can process your money.
    Also stating they would call me again in the two weeks, i had to call them again.
    i have been calling them every two weeks to make sure i have payment.
    is this right?
    if i stop calling them will my money stop.

  7. Atos are total liar’s, I just knew that the woman who assessed me was going to mess up my life. She had that hateful adolf hitler look on her face. She twisted everything I told her around. I have sent in the letter for mandatory reconsideration. In the letter I asked for her name so that I can take her to court for slander. For giving the DWP lies. A medical negligence operation is what caused my disability, from the age of 12 years old, I have been in constant pain for 34 years, I have very bad arthritis in both knees and hips and due to the use of the stick to walk with, it’s affecting my spine and my hands. Now I have fluid on my knee. The medical negligence lying specialist, inserted staples in my growth bone to stop it growing,, no follow up appointments to check its progress, no x-rays to see how the staples are doing, no measurement to check that the leg discrepancy was aligned, nothing. He totally forgot about me. I was in total pain constantly every day from the staples entered my leg, they were only suppose to be inside my leg for 2 years the most. I was 15 years old, and couldn’t get out of bed to go to school, I was screaming down the house my leg my leg my leg, my mum called the hospital Doncaster Royal infirmary in South Yorkshire, and spoke with Dr Simonds when are you removing the staples, she asked him, I heard him say oh my god, I totally forgot, bring her in now! He shouted at my mum. He prepared me that morning for the theatre, tried to remove the staples and couldn’t budge them. He told my mum that he can’t get the staples out, that they are embedded inside the bone. My mum screamed at him, You told me that to leave the staples in would cause a considerable amount of damage to my daughter’s legs, hips and spine! You must get them out now! The next day he took me back into theatre, he tried breaking the staples to pull them out in pieces, he told my mum. He said they are not coming out after 3 operation attempts to remove the staples, he couldn’t get them out. Septicaemia blew up my whole knee and calf like a balloon, I screamed down the ward my leg my leg my leg, a big nurse pulled off the sheets from of me and saw the size of my right leg, she shouted for help and pushed down on my leg. I must have gone unconscious, when I awoke, I had 4 fat tubes running from my leg to the glass bowl under my bed.this happened in 1980 since then, I have had excruciating unbelievable pain in my leg, then, my legs gave way underneath me in the street, I was knocked down by a car, fell downstairs, fell in the street etc. and another problem called angular deformity of the right knee. Swelling of my knee, inflammation of my whole leg, then it effected my left leg too, I’m unable to run, jump, unable to sit for long or short period of time, and all the time in constant pain when I walk, sit, lay down and stand up and stiffness in my ankles, knees and hips. I’ve watched myself deteriorated over the years up to current. Then this lying woman pushed all her weight on both my arthritical knees while I was seated on the examination bed, who does that? No orthopaedic Dr has ever done that to me ever. Then I had to use my savings that I managed to save up, to spend to buy my medical notes and x-ray from the GP and hospitals to back up my disability condition. And that’s when it was bought to my attention by my GP surgery, after requesting a medical letter, that Dr Simonds had lied on my medical file in 1982. He wrote to my 1982 Gp, that he had removed the staples successfully in 1982. I went and had a x-ray on the 22-07-2016 , I gave a copy of my x-ray to the lady writing my medical letter, so that she could see that Dr Simonds had lied on my medical file, and that the staples are still in my leg. So much corruption everywhere.. It’s totally disgusting

  8. Any help appreciated…my brother took his life and i am cryin all time,ad to ask boss to let me go with immidiate effect..waiting for bereavement councilling,and put in a claim for e.s.a…wot happens next please…

    • So sorry for your loss. First thing to do is to make sure your doctor understands exactly what’s happened to you and how you are feeling. Make sure there’s plenty in your doctor’s notes on the computer, as they will be looking for evidence to support your claim. The ESA people will be ringing or writing to you to ask some preliminary questions to see if you qualify. You will then get a long form to fill in about your conditions and how they affect you. At this point GET HELP. Don’t attempt to fill this in on your own, make an appointment with Welfare Rights or your local CAB to help fill it in.

  9. Hi all .I worked for the N.H.S. for 12 years and had a accident which they admitted liability .But wait for it i could not return to work due to the damage i had done to my Long Head Bicep was torn. My contract was terminated due to ill health I was put on e.s.a. till the medical which was contribution based. After the medical i was told i was fit for work and told to sighn on J.S.A. .My j.s.a. was also contribution based aswell which as run out on the 15th august. Treatment so far 14 xray 5 consultant 2 m.r.i. scans. And 18 session of physio with no change in my condition. And the best thing is the hospital consultant disgharged me from the hospital the accident happened and sent me to another consultant which my appointment was yesterday. Had 3 xrays and a ultra sound i have a huge swelling in my long head bicep and loss of my muscle in my right arm it is called a popye arm .This as caused lots of pain and many many sleepless night due to lots of discomfort and pain I am waiting know for a phone call to go in for 2 injection to the front and back under anystetic i am so low and upset they can treat people with so much disrespect i am sorry about spelling i dont no which way to turn as i arent on any benefits know

    • You need to speak to an expert about putting in a new ESA claim. When you do so, don’t attempt to fill in the form on your own but get someone from the CAB or Welfare Rights to help you.

  10. hi please help I have been on income support and severe disability premium since 1991 25yrs I have now been declared fit for work and told I have to sign on for jsa I know I am unable to work but they have give me no other choice as me and my wife have no other income so we both had to sign on Friday 26 august 2016 as my wife is basically my carer but we have never claimed carers allowance as I look at it we married in sickness and health and thought we received enough benefits for us to live on fool me I sent off for mandatory recon and was turned down sticking to the first forms and points and assessment which was a farce the thing she asked me to do was the the pinch finger test and then took my blood pressure which was sky high reading 186/141 she looked very concerned so I never got on the examination bed and she says I have good movement in my joints and also I said my blood pressure was normal for me lol I have now sent for an appeal with medical records and a letter of my specialist which states I am in chronic pain 24/7 and suffer with fatigue due to pain and medication my wife is now depressed due to us both having to go through this and seeing the effect its having on my already very ill health as I already feel useless she does suffer from depression and also has spondelitus of the spine which gives her discomfort I suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis in which affects the whole of my body its even in my mainframe ribs chest every joint of my body is infected which I have to take 26 tablets a day including 8 tramadol and 8 paracetamol and nebumetone and have to inject methortrixate every friday for my chronic pain I use a walking stick some times two I also where a back brace and wrist splints also I have hypertension high blood pressure to discs dislodged in my neck which cause severe headaches fatigue due to fighting pain 24/7 and the medication and side effects I receive dla mobility higher for life a blue badge but I don’t know how long for now as I will be sent for an assessment soon I suppose.theres a lot more I would like to say I did try to commit suicide in 1985 due to finding out I had rheumatoid arthritis but carried on working until I could not work anymore in 1991 I was a plumber heating engineer and loved my the forms they send back to you saying you don’t qualify and saying you can work it says I have no tendencies to commit suicide it says in my medical notes that I did in 1985 do they read any of you notes or is it all assumed and made up sounds like they just say what they want not what you have wrote feelling like this but i will not give them the satisfaction.will signing on jsa affect my tribunal as I am now worried I have made the wrong decision by sighning on as that’s saying I am fit for work even though I am lying that i am but they have given me no other choice. as we cant live on fresh air or pay bills which are mounting up as we have not had any benefits or money since the 29th july 2016 housing benefit stopped as well so now 4wks arrears with the rent I been down to my housing authority and they will represent me at the tribunal.thank just very concerned now.thank you

    • Don’t panic! You stand every chance of winning the tribunal, especially if you have help preparing for it.

      Meanwhile if you have already got the results of the mandatory reconsideration, take the letter to the jobcentre and tell them you have applied for the case to be taken to tribunal. As soon as they know this you should be put onto ESA assessment rate which is the same money as JSA, but you only have to take in sick notes.

      Signing on for JSA willnot cause a problem, everyone has to do this whilst awaiting a mandatory reconsideration, no matter how unfit for work they actually are. I would suggest you and your wife make an appointment with your local citizen’s advice bureau and go together to help understand your situation and what you can do.

    • Hi there sorry to hear what you are going through its terrible anyway I’ve had 2 heart attacks also other problems I was found fit didn’t get one point asked for the reconsideration again refused started to panic sent it for appeal and have found out I am not fit for work and put back on esa. But before that I did go to the job centre and sign on and during your appeal process you will be put back on esa. All the best take care of yourself guys I’m sure both of you will be fine

  11. Ive had dislexia since a child and learning difficulty sand they have got no better.i also have social anxiety and social phobia to and they have just called out the blue and said u have till the 7th next month and everything will be stopped.leaving me to try and sort out a mess on my own

  12. Hi all, i need advice on my ESA claim also. i have been getting ESA assessment rate for about 7 months, for social anxiety and BDD/body dysmorphia, and depression. i have a long history of this, and my doctor has it all on record. So, when my atos assessment came calling, i first cancelled the first one, and was told by ATOS on the phone that if i cannot make it due to my social anxiety etc, then i would have to get my Doctor to fax over some info. so i was planning on seeing my doctor to do exactly this, but unfortunately for me, my doctor was off on holiday for a couple of weeks, meaning my second medical had to be noted as missed. i got the DWP good reason letter, very quickly after i missed the medical, and was giving about 3 days to send it back with my reasons for none attendance. i did this, and told them that i need another appointment for the medical so i can get my doctor to fax over why i can’t attend. so i waited, and waited…..and there was nothing in the post about a decision. it has been over a month now since i sent the DWP my good reason letter, and only yesterday i thought i would phone DWP and ask what the hell is going on. apparently, a decision maker made a decision that i am FIT FOR WORK on the 20th of august. When the advisor over the phone told me this, i was just confused and baffled because i had no response and no notification of me being fit for work. why have they not written to me and confirmed the decision to me ? why was there no txt message service to me saying they received my letter? and just like the dwp advisor on the phone, he was confused also when he noticed i AM STILL GETTING PAID. TWICE SINCE THE DECISION WAS i asked what shall i do, and all he was blabbing on about was i would have to appeal, and he did not really have a clue what was going on really. i believe they have not got in touch with me on purpose, i really wish i recorded the letter. maybe they have pretended they never received it for easy excuse of shotting me off ESA. but also, why has my claim not been SHUTDOWN? if i have been classed as fit for work because a decision maker looked at some paper and decided against me. because he can…..

    I’m just confused, sorry for the big story, but does anyone understand my situation? what the hell do i do now? how do i even appeal or ask for a mandatory reconsideration if i have no papers to send off?!!? because they did not send me ANYTHING. this is the absolute truth, i have had NO RESPONSE. ( also my benefits name is JSA, when i look in my bank statement, more confusion ). please, any advice would be appreciated.

    • Sounds like a major DWP cockup. You need expert help, the DWP can keep people running around for months. Your best bet at this point is to go for some big guns behind you. I suggest you contact one of your local councilors, who might be able to give you ongoing support. You should also contact your DWP district manager, and your mP. All of this can be done by email. Locally, you might consider contacting welfare rights or the Citizens advice bureau. You can contact your MP and councilor through this website:

      The message you have posted here would do as the text of your emails.

  13. I was on esa for 5 years, I have server copd, can’t walk no more than 30mts, job center examer said I can walk 200 mts even tho iv never meet this person, job c said I can work using a wheelchair, but I live 9 miles from the nearest town, they said I can get to a job by bus but iv got to wheel my self to and from wherever, doctor wrote to them concerning my health, didn’t even read the letter had a appeal, got turned down flat , I scored 12 points to stay on esa u hv to score 15, the 3 points I didn’t get was because I can brush my teeth and wash, so now I have to get on a bus wide my wheel chair one a fortnight, struggle like he’ll to get there, each time I sign on I tell them I can’t work and there is no jobs Wat r going to pay me enough to cover, rent bills etc but according to them they no best, absolute joke this has got now, I was in hospital for 6 days last week wide type 2 resptory failure, and the still say I’m fit for work, don’t no wherever to laugh or cry, the system is wrong for people who r ill

  14. My sick notes are for 3 months at a time, been like this for few years. I have had my 2nd assessment to see if can stay on esa or need to go back on jsa. I lost my 1st one and lost appeal but since then health has got worse so cab told me to put in for it all over again that’s what I did. Had assessment 3 weeks ago but not got reply yet not sure how long it takes as last time only took just over a week

  15. My name kelli meighan have o got a good chance of getting back on the sick esa over my head injury had to get stich ed in my head since then been getting Myne grains and head aches sometime I’m frightening to go out

    • It depends how you fill in the form they send you and what medical evidence you have. Whatever happens, when you get a form asking you to explain your medical conditions, do not attempt to fill it in yourself. Make an appointment with Welfare Rights ar the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to fill it in for you. Collect specialist and consultants letters and if you dont have a lot of these, get a printout of your medical records from your GP. When you send off the form keep a copy of the form and aonly send copies of your medical evidence as they often lose the originals; you might need them again.

  16. I’m in constant pain with my back and hips and knees and it puts me in a position of where I don’t know where to put myself, I went on to esa and about 10 weeks down the line I received a text reminding me of my appointment with the medical people so I rang the DWP up and told them about the text I received and said am I ment to be able to read minds how am I ment to turn up for an appointment if I don’t know where I am ment to be going and what time I am ment to be there I have no information about it and I’ve been told at very short notice the woman told me I should of received a letter confirming this I told her I never got that letter only a text telling me I have to attend or I won’t get any money as far as the medical people are concerned is getting me back in to work even though I am struggling with my new job as I am constantly in pain

  17. My suggestion to you all is go to the CAB they will tell you all your rights. Alllso they will help you fill all necessary forms in. The job centre will recognise that they have been filled in and you. I’ve been through a similar situation with PIP was DLA. I was on indefinite DLA it changed its name to PIP and they made me have another medical, yes I still got enhanced but only till 2022. Sounds a long time maybe, but then I have to go through all the stress and worry of am I going to get it again. I’ve had three strokes, epilepsy fibromyalgia diabetes osteoarthritis carpal tunnel dystonia. Also two years ago I had a nervous breakdown and I spent six months in a psychiatric unit. The woman doing the medical went on to ask who diagnosed it I said the police when they arrested me how did they know she said !!!. Umm daft cow. They was the ones that put me on a section 3. To the people who don’t know what this is it’s a immediate order that states that you will be detained under the mental health that for a period of up to 3 months. For the safety of yourself and others. In my case myself. I asked does this government really have the money to spend hundreds of pounds per week keeping me in the hospital. and a mental health system that is it crisis with for no reason. She smiled at me gently and said you must’ve been really ill. Eventually I got through to her. Do they really think I’m going to get better. I asked my doctor that he smiled and said miracles have happened lol. I’m sorry to say we have a government who doesn’t care for the sick. Well good luck and take care my dear friends DONT LET THEM GRIND YOU DOWN

  18. This is what am dealing with at min.. just kicked me off and am nowhere near ready to go back.. so has the sick note got to be from the date you sign on? And you just take it into job centre? Cos my jobcentre the right funny and prob say can’t do that.. if you can do you still get a payment?

    • I went on to esa as I problems with my lower back I am in constant pain some nights I am woken up due to the pain I am on 3 different lots of medication and just before my 12 weeks was up I got a text reminding me of my appointment the next following day for the medical people and that if I didn’t turn up I wouldn’t get any money I rang them and told them about the text and I said firstly that’s a bit short notice and secondly I don’t know where I have to go and what time she told me I should of received a letter I said I never did and I was told by the medical people that I am fit for work I took it to higher and they sided with the medical people even though I sent a medical report from my doctor

  19. I to have been told I have to go and sign on can work because of back and knee problems and anxiety &depression went to job centre told them i cant work showed them sick notes wasnt intresed they said I have to go citizens advised .

  20. My esa claim was rejected. I’m on the sick and getting paid so I understand the reason…however why would I get a letter from job centre plus saying. Re…….. your claim for esa….we need a copy of your next sicknote???

  21. There’s been a turn around for me since my last comment here. I had 2heart attacks and was rushed to the hospital. While reading the lies, that the assessor wrote on the medical assessment form. She had wrote that I had no cardiovascular disease, asthma, never worked in my life, no higher education, no scars on my body, that my toes where healthy, that I had lifted my both arms above my head normally, that I have no medical condition and not taking any medicine for any medical conditions, that I took my glasses 👓 from out of my handbag and placed them on my face without any trouble, that I walked the 50 metres from the waiting room to the examination room without any problems and without stopping. I sent this medical form and a letter to my MP, I sent him my GP letters including the x-rays of the 6embbeded staples and metal plate wedge resection operation and faulty medical negligence operation that was done on my right leg in 1978 which caused my legs to give away from beneath me while walking and am in constant pain from 1978 to date, due to arthritis in both hips and both knees and both ankles. My MP wrote to the DWP. I sent in the mandatory reconsideration with the medical letters from my GP with the x-rays that showed the staples embedded inside my knee. The medical letter had a list of my medical treatment and conditions, cardiovascular disease, asthma, sickly cell traits, arthritis muscularskeletor which = bad arthritis in both hips,knees and ankles, obesity due to not being able to walk or run or do any type of exercise, because I can’t weight bare on my legs and am told no running by orthopaedic Dr, that I have to do stamina exercises to lose weight. The dermatology for my severe eczema on my face, scalp and fungus in my toenails. I wrote the mandatory reconsideration that what the medical assessor wrote was slander and that it must be investigated as none of these things she wrote is true and could cause more harm on my health. The assessor was investigated and they told me that they put a point on her file and that it was reconcilable difference between she and me, I sent the letter to my mp, they also said that they would write to my MP, the mandatory reconsideration said that they believed the medical assessors slander against me. My MP wrote me a letter, included in the letter was a copy of the letter from the investigation, they said that the medical assessors assessment on me is invalid and cannot be used. I called the ESA and asked them if they will reinstate my ESA as stated in the letter sent to my MP. They said that this was a right mess, I told them that because I never received a letter from themselves stating the same thing as my MP, I had sent in the appeal. So I am now on ESA and waiting to hear from the tribunal. I told ESA that, if they had read the letters from my GP, they would have seen that the slanderous accusations made by the medical assessor was slander. As I am in touch with my MP and my counsellor frequently and they know of my health. I was told to get a medical certificate from my GP to take to the jobcentre plus to fax to the ESA and call them after closing my Jsa claim. I told my job advisor. He faxed the medical certificate and closed claim form to the ESA. I called as was advised by the ESA. They said that they had received the medical certificate and not the closed claim. 2 weeks later the ESA told me that there was no trace of the medical certificate in their system that I must go to the jobcentre plus and fax it to them. As both my legs were swollen there was no way that I could go anywhere and they told me that if I don’t fax it that I won’t get any money. By this time I was stressed out to the point of no return. I called the jobcentre plus I wrote to my MP explaining everything to him and I told him that I couldn’t take anymore of this upsets that I am suicidal in my thoughts. Two days later my old job advisor told me that he would sort it out, the problem is once your claim is closed it cannot be reopened to resend the medical certificate. My MP had written to the Umbardsman of the DWP. They called me last week and asked me how I was feeling, I told them that I was feeling suicidal at that time but my daughter has spoken with me and is here with me to calm me down. The Umbardsman said that he has checked the system and everything has been sorted out and he said keep his number for contacting him if I ever feel stressed or suicidal. I am so traumatized by all of this that I don’t think I could go to the medical assessment to be reassessed alone to be with an assessor. So I am hoping that the guy who called me last week can be there or make sure some one else besides me and my daughter is there to see and note the assessment as I’m still traumatized from the last one, and I am being tested for my heart and taking blood thinning meds, which makes me unable to breathe. The hospital Dr said that I have Angina which is caused by stress, I am to have further tests to find out if it is that and may need to have a operation to have a balloon placed inside my valve. So right now I am very stressed. As I am afraid of hospitals, and hope that I can walk out on legs and not in a bag.

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. I do suggest that you take a copy of this with you to your next assessment and give it to the ‘Health Care Professional’ at the very beginning of the assessment. Please let me know what happens.

  22. Hi,

    I am looking for some advice if possible?
    I was in full time employment for 5 years until Feb 2016 when i was diagnosed with depression and was on long term sick till August when i was finished due to my health condition. So i applied for esa and in between my case i now been diagnosed with chronic pancreasitis and esa know about both of my conditions, but they sent me a letter saying i am fit for work after my recent medical assessment i had, i was just wondering if you can advise me what to do?

  23. This is spot on in what im now going through, i have put in a appeal to a tribunal and in the mean time i have to sign on and show that i have been actively looking for work ( which i havnt been due to , i have fibromalgia and chronic fatiigue and sponylitus and spend most of my days either. Asleep, laying flat to take the pain off my neck, or simply just staying home and taking thibgs easy). Job hunting is a total waste of my time and a emyers time as i wouldnt last a day. Also would need alot of assistance ( in the bathroom aswell) and wouldnt remember half the stuff i would have to do , bearing in mind it would have to be a sesk job as anything physical would be out of the question. Sitting at a desk for 10 minutes are more also would be very uncomfotable, Im due to sign on this wednesday 11th jan for the first time. I am armed with a 6 month sick note , so this infomation is a god send. In the mean time. Im waiting on a tribunal hearing for all my medical edvidencd to be looked at. Ummmm. If thats denied. God knows what i will do as i genually struggle day to say to wake up let alone work for someone. Anyone with a uncurable pain illness will know where im coming from. Thank you for the info x

    • Hi Sandra, I totally understand where yoy’re coming from. I am also in a lot of constant pain and have to lie down to take yhe pressure off my head. I am also at home all the time, resting lime the hospital have told me too. (Though, I wouldn’t be able to do snyyhing else). I am waiting for my tfibunal date. I have contacted my MP, who has said, if I don’t hear anything or the d3cision doesn’t go in my favour to get back in touch with them.

  24. Hi Sandra, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I am also in a lot of constant pain and have to lie down to take the pressure off my head. I also am at home all the time, resting like the hospital have told me too (though wouldn’t be able to do anything else). I am waiting for my tribunal date. I have contacted my MP, who has said, if I don’t hear anything or the decision doesn’t go in my favour to get back in touch with them.

    • Thanks for replying. Should i wait untill i fet a tribunal date befire contacting my mp. Or should i contact gim now to make him aware of tge situation. These dwp assesers r unreal. They simply have no clue. I wiuldnt wish this illness on anyone but i am very tempted to. Would be great to let them do a month in a body of fibromalgia. N fatigue Twats. Totally no how to bring a flare up on dont they. Hope ur doing ok. And not stressing to much. Ark at me. Im doing just that. X

      • Hi sandra, it was a pleasure to contact you, it made me feel like I wasn’t the only one going through this. As long as you’ve done everything you’re supposef to so far, it wouldn’t hurt to contact your mp. When I contacted mine at first they thought I’d gone to them first, but when they knew I’d done everything I could they spoke to me. They said to wait for decision and if it doesn’t go my way to get back in touch with them. I’m glad I did contact them though, as at least they’re aware of whats happening. I like you wouldn’t wish any health problems on anyone, but like you said when goung through bad times it is very tempting. All this sress is making my health problems 1000% worst (which i’m sure is the same for you). I would just like to add if you ever need to just talk i’m here, as I know how lonely i’ve felt at times. X

        • Im going through the same have spodylosis and sciatica. Chronic back and leg pain. Have appealed and lost so now going to a tribrunal. The asseser says i didnt mention my depression and suicidal thoughts. She even made a joke and said everybody says that. I burst into tears she then said abrubtly like i was a child what are you crying for. Its disgusting the way they to you. And because i have not acted on my thoughts i get 0 points. If i lose this i dont know what im going to do. As you say its not fair on a employer to employ me. Cant stand or sit for more than 15 minates then i have to lay down to take pressure off my spine.

  25. Hi its happening to everyone isnt it. Firstly. They wouldnt take my 6 month sick note. They can only take it once they recieve notice that ny tribunal appeal letter has been recieved and waiting to be decided apon. Also cannot be placed on the holding group untill the have recieved this notice In the mean time. I do have to keep signing on fortnightly. But if on my signing on day i am to ill to get out the house ( as i explained the nature of fibromalgia). I am to get someone to pick a form up from the job centre , to be filled out by me Then returned. You r only allowed to do this twice in 6 months. Hoping my tribunal appeal will be decided by then. If ur manatory decision gas been turned down. You must do the nxt thing and send a cooy of ur manatory reconcideration snd any other new surporting edvidence to be looked at by a independant tribunal. I hoe this is some help.

    • This has helped. So due to sign on on thursday shall i take sick certificate or wait till i get confirmation anout my second appeal.

  26. Had same problem for over a year joint pains mostly in my hips knees and elbows, i worked until i could not manage. have been passed about like a bad flu and now waiting on my appeal or tribunal at HM court. I have had no money since 30 jan 2017 and will very soon be throwing myself onto either the M8 or railway line. This message will be the evidence that shows the UK government and DWP have no morals and operate on a for profit only basis. FUCK YOU DWP i have had enough, you win! Take my home and posetions however you spell it and shove them right up your arse. Hopefully a tragic death will come your way soon.

  27. Hi I went for a medical assessment for esa 2 weeks ago and got a letter 15 days later saying your claim for esa changes in the esa rates available it goes on to say that from 10th of April the rates of some benefits may change and goes on to say from February your esa will be x amount this is because of a decision on your capability for work. You’ve been placed on the work related activity group goes on to say different dates and amounts of money. This is because of a change in deductions from your esa. We have decided that you have potential for work related activity and must take part in work related activity and work focused interviews ,with a personal advisor to continue to receive esa in full. Your advisor will help you take reasonable steps to move towards work. This could include support to manage your illness or disability. We will wrote to you separately about attending an interview,you must attend or it will effect your esa.
    The day after the assessment/medical I seen my personal advisor and she asked when did the Hcp at the medical say how long you’d have to wait on hearing from them 2 weeks? I said the Hcp never said. I called money matters and she said that could just be your annual letter but when I read it out she said that must be the decision letter as it says you’ve been placed on the work related activity group after a decision on your capability for work. So I’m hoping it is the correct letter, I explained to the lady in money matters it didn’t say anything about the descriptors or points scored so she said she’d be there if this letter is wrong I suppose to start a MR .
    I have a friend who was at a medical for esa aswell his letter gives you descriptors and points awarded,I’ve searched online and as far as I can gather you don’t get the letter with the descriptors and points if you have been kept on it and you only receive the letter with the descriptors and points awarded if you have been taken off it. I was on the work related activity group before I’d be happy to stay on that but I don’t want to get my hopes built up i was hoping someone may be able to tell me if it’s true about the letter people receive like the points and descriptors if you are not getting esa and the one I have just now. It does say in the next page. What to do if you think the decision is wrong and about a mandatory reconsideration. Any help is much appreciated

    • I reply to Ian, hi Ian the way things are going is a disgrace just wish the judges and ministers wake up and see what is happening to people that are medically unfit be it pyshical or mental health issues. I don’t understand how 40 minutes at a medical assessment can determine your fit for work,in my case I have ptsd, poor sleep , poor diet,I get nightmare and constant panic attacks even in the house. The doctor had me on diazepam for 23 years now that I’m took off them I find it difficult to cope going half a mile to my mums,even the jobcentre that’s 2 miles away. I’ve not lied to the HCP or my job advisor last year I was sent to a works pyscholist which said that they couldn’t help me in have too many problems and that was a work related activity any I hope they listen to you and others I could name a relation of mines who has worked all her days won her esa appeal and is still being told that she’s only getting so much esa because she didn’t declare a £200 works pension as she worked all her days and didn’t know alot about benefits but the works pension she worked for and the powers that be are asking her to give up her works pension to receive full housing benefit but that’s money she worked for until she was unwell. I just hope people watch ” I Daniel Blake ” and the people who make the rules watch and see the plight of 1000s of disabled people!

    • These letters are so full of gobbldygook they are very hard to understand. Without seeing the original letter I can’t be sure but from the bits you have written here it does look like you’ve been placed in the ESA work related activity group. The only way to be certain is to take the letter to the jobcentre, or phone the DWP and ask.

  28. I have had no Esa for 2 months because a doctors receptionist didn’t fax a sick note I’m not fit to work I’m in a lot of discomfort I feel really down and I don’t know what I’m going to do

  29. Hi thank you so much, I’m a disabled lone parent with 2 children that depend on me and I was on esa since 2012 in the support group I had a phone call no letter saying after today we have paid you and your not getting paid no more cuz I’m fit for work. I’ve got medical evidence and on a lot of medication and they taken away my financial stability just like that with no rent or council being paid. I am being forced to sign on jca and carnt get their to sign on at Dudley. It left me more vulnerable and they have put me in a situation now where I’m left with no money for 7 whole weeks with no money because I’ve had to claim income support

    • You need to appeal. Ask them for a mandatory reconsideration, and if that fails take it to tribunal. They have no business announcing you fit for work just like that. If I were you I’d contact the Jobcentre district manager and your MP as well.

  30. Got 0 points on esa. Docters say im unable to work but forced to sign on to universal credit. Awaiting a MA. Would a sick note help me.

    • I believe that the DWP has had to change its guidance again and is now allowing up to 13 weeks sick note for people awaiting MR who are on jobseekers allowance. They realised that not allowing people who had been declared fit to work the same conditions as other jobseekers was discriminatory. I simply don’t know what the situation is under UC, but if UC jobseekers are allowed up to 13 weeks sick notes then you should be, too, or they are discriminating against you.

  31. I have brain tumour suffer vertigo forgetfulness and more got doc note saying can’t work Eva said I fit for work now on had having to lie saying look for work wen I can’t and have proof

  32. Hi I was on esa for 5 yrs and got kicked off and told to go on jsa ive just been to my doctets and they have said im not fit for work but jobcentre have said I have to go on esp extended sick pay for 13 weeks and look for limited work even though im not fit for work and been signed off by docter

  33. Advice please .. been on esa for 13 weeks call today saying they have kicked me off advised me to go to jsa .. I have 3 operations due first one will be November I have a interview at jobcentre told to bring my cv etc tried to explain I am on sick through doctors .. esa received my sicknote today an hour after they stopped my payment..

    • You will have to go to the jobcentre and sign on if you want any money whilst you are sorting this out. You are allowed then to hand in sicknotes for a maximum of 13 weeks, but sometines the jobcentre makes you come in and jobsearch. The ” work coach” will want you to sign a claimants commitment, make sure they know what your limitations are and don’t agree to anything you cannot do. And you need to appeal the ESA decision. Ring the DWP and ask for a copy of the assessors report. Make an appointment with your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Welfare rights to help you apply for a mandatory reconsideration, which is a bureaucratic step you have to go through before applying to Tribunal. If you fail at the mandatory reconsideration stage and apply for tribunal you will go on to ESA assessment rate which is the same money as JSA but you only need to hand in sicknotes.

  34. Im so glad you left this info on here it’s helped me so much thankyou. godbless you and hope your feeling alot better soon takecare 😇

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