Another crazy benefit sanction

From the fcebook page ‘the People Vs the Government, DWP and ATOS, 21st Jan 2014

My lad been sanctioned yet again by job centre this time for not applying for enough jobs. He has applied for all those he can physically get to, we live in a rural area and buses are very limited. Yet they said he should have applied for the ones that are impossible for him to get to and from. He was sanctioned in december and got no money for a month now they have done it again. My wages pay our bills, I am a widow so its just me and him at home, but we need his jsa to buy food. I dont understand how they can do this, the jobfit people told him what he was doing was fine yet job centre cut you off without a thought. How do those people sleep at night?

2 thoughts on “Another crazy benefit sanction

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