Universal Credit – £301m computer system to be scrapped? Minister to explain to Parliamentary committee on TV on Monday 4:30pm when DWP finally publishes its financial accounts…


Until then:


Iain Duncan Smith, as Minister of State for Work and Pensions has been summoned to testify to the Parliamentary Work and Pensions committee (Chair: Anne Begg MP) at 4:30pm on Monday. (Update: Click here for the subsequent blog). The last week has seen a furious flurry of press releases to soften up the bad news he is expected to deliver at that hearing. In true DWP style, these press releases have either been released late on a Friday afternoon after most real journalists have left their desks for the weekend, or slipped out whilst the Chancellor gave the Autumn statement today. An example is today’s Ministerial Statment on Universal Credit that seems to presage the admission that the £300m spent on IT development by DWP up to now could be junked (at least partially). In today’s statement the Minister of State said:

“As part of the wider transformation…

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