Age UK predicts 200 pensioner deaths PER DAY this winter. Is Iain Duncan Smith happy now?

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It is hard not to imagine Iain Duncan Smith salivating at the thought that 200 pensioners a day might die of the cold this winter.

Pensions are the most expensive part of the State benefit bill, taking up more than half of his budget. With the state pension at £110.15, he stands to save £137,467,200 per year, without having to lift a finger. The energy companies will get the blame, with soaring bills making it impossible for senior citizens to heat their homes.

This is a much better deal, even than the one he engineered with Employment and Support Allowance, in which at least 73 people have been dying every week because of poverty-related health or mental health problems brought on by DWP decisions, ; people on ESA for longer than 13 weeks get £100.15 per week, meaning a saving of only £380,169.40 per year.

Make no mistake – any…

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One thought on “Age UK predicts 200 pensioner deaths PER DAY this winter. Is Iain Duncan Smith happy now?

  1. The energy companies are to blame, raising prices just as the first cold day hits, each and every winter. But the government heaping green taxes put up the price by half as well.

    With no benefit, no access to Cold Weather payments.

    With no state pension, no access to Winter Fuel Allowance.

    As energy is unaffordable, the central heating is not on anyway, however cold it gets.

    The state pension at £110.15 is one of the lowest in the developed world, at only around 30% average wages, with only Mexico lower.

    Finance boffins say that a pensioners needs survival funds on average of £10,020, with thosein London needing £12,299.

    Many women have no private or little works pensions.

    Half of women aged 60-66 are within the working poor on flat-lined wages and suffering frozen in-work benefits for next 3 years or even cuts and sanctions of those.

    Majority reason women aged 60-66 not in work is due to being disabled / chronic sick and those benefits being lost or never gained.

    Taking the state pension at 60, threatens the wellbeing of the 1953 who began the loss from 2013 and the half a million women born 1954 from this year.

    Sign petition today, tomorrow is too late.
    Gagging law soon comes into force, ending petitons and charitable campaigns.

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