Government wrongs, Human Rights and a call for evidence from Raquel Rolnik

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My hon. Friend the Member for North Ayrshire and Arran (Katy Clark) mentioned the legality of the Government’s legislation. Let me be clear that our Governments have been condemned by the International Labour Organisation and other international organisations for two decades now because of their trade union legislation.

It is not just about the right to strike; it is about certain basic and fundamental trade union rights. The clause, yet again, imposes further duties that I believe to be completely contrary to ILO (International Labour Organization conventions).

 Yet again, this country will be isolated in the world and condemned for its attack on trade union rights, which are incorporated in all those international statutes and conventions as a basic human right” -John McDonnell.

This was the third day of Parliamentary debate regarding the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill: it breaches human rights…

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One thought on “Government wrongs, Human Rights and a call for evidence from Raquel Rolnik

  1. wrong* K-moron!
    Human-right’s are vital for disabled-people!
    if you remember the UK* ratified the UNCHRDP*
    in 2007!
    this is an international-treaty*
    accepted by the EU*
    and as such is enforceable!
    to close down all Human-rights is just wrong
    you are always saying> do the right thing!
    so now practise what you preach*
    make article19* lawful

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