Hospital mortality: fact, fiction or politics?


Open Democracy asked me to write an article for them, to draw together various threads of the hospital mortality issue. The article has been published today and looks at the big picture, from Mid Staffs to Keogh, with a specific look at the media’s abuse of tenuous or completely unfounded figures to hammer away at the foundations of public affection for the NHS.

The debacle of the ‘13,000 needless deaths’ claims of the Telegraph, the Mail and (most lamentably) the BBC, followed by Sir Bruce Keogh’s clear and unequivocal rejection of those claims, put a stark spotlight on the gulf between media claims and reality.

Inadvertently, the over-ambitious attempt to force the resignation of Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham while simultaneously further tarnishing the NHS, instead took the plot to smear and then pull down the NHS from the realms of conspiracy to unmissable fact.

The oD article can be…

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