Amnesty International condemns erosion of human rights of disabled in UK 29th April 2013

Amnesty International UK, at its AGM on 14th April 2013, passed a resolution on the Human Rights of sick and disabled people in the UK.

The resolution read:

‘This AGM calls for urgent action to halt the abrogation of the human rights of sick and disabled people by the ruling Coalition government and its associated corporate contractors.

Calls for Amnesty International UK to urgently work with grassroots human rights campaigns by and for sick and disabled people, carers and their families. And to set up a specialist Disability Human Rights network…..

To protect the human rights of people with disabilities, ill people and carers to halt this regressive and lethal assault on our rights.’

You can read the full resolution, with supporting information, here.


24 thoughts on “Amnesty International condemns erosion of human rights of disabled in UK 29th April 2013

  1. Has a shadow now fallen on Cameron, Osborne, IDS and the rest: the sad band of malicious, thieving hypocrites…….? Champions of the ‘Domino Effect….’ I think not, just benighted fools filling their and friends pockets with the food from others mouths……. Well done Amnesty International.

  2. Maybe Amnesty International could also look at our right to the free health care we have paid for which is being sold to the highest bidders!

  3. Well done. I just hope someone, somewhere who is in power listens and actually does something. Hitler started on the mentally ill and disabled, killing 900,000 of them before he started on the Jews and,at least he did it quickly!!!! What a legacy the coalition is leaving. Their propaganda to their followers is believed. When will the Tory voters listen to the truth instead of banding everyone together as a Scrounger. But for the grace of God, it could be you tomorrow.

    • So, FrankFisher, you think that if you work and pay into national insurance for decades and then become ill, you shouldn’t have the right to live? Or perhaps it is the soldiers coming back from duty with lifetime injuries that you think shouldn’t have the right to be supported by the rest of us.

    • Frank Fisher i have seen you have commented on a few articles on different site’s with the same indifference and ignorance as you have on here, of the people that have lived at other people’s expense their whole lives i think very few of them have never actually worked or contributed to the system in some way, i would bet that 99% of them have lifelong severe disabilities and long term illnesses and your utter disdain for those less fortunate than you is shocking and reprehensible, i happened to remember your name and picture as you have done nothing but disgust me with some of your previous comments. They are eroding sick and disabled peoples human rights by the day and have been extremely quiet whilst doing it, and when there are no more rights left to destroy they will start on people like you…. this is after they have squeezed you for every last penny you have got with another absurd policy fuelled by nothing more than contempt and spite, because after all they will need some more scapegoats to fund their lavish lifestyles and their many stately homes……..or in “scroungers” terms GO GET F****D!

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  8. What is happening is despicable, disgusting, inhuman !! I can’t believe that any self-respecting human being could do this to anyone needing help!!

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  10. I can’t comprehend what is driving the politicians to introduce all of these changes. My sight is not miraculously going to return, a white stick might enable me (if I were not agoraphobic) to get to the town centre. It cannot find me a shop, it does not tell me what is on the shelves, yes I can ask for an assistant in a supermarket but you then often hear the assistants whispering (oh…I hate doing the blindies). The Government only just accepted that you do not have the ability to lead an independent life outside of home, by agreeing that you are entitled to the Higher Rate Mobility Component. Now it seems that at the age of 60, I can’t see, I have extensive spinal problems so can’t stand still for more than a couple of minutes, can’t stand straight, can’t somedays go out as far as my recycle bins. I cannot walk for more than a couple of minutes. I take morphine for my pain. I have COPD so need a nebuliser 3 times a day. From a conversation I had with the ATOS team who are arranging my medical, it seems that unless you cannot use your arms at all, I will be most likely be expected to consider returning to work. ANY SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHAT JOB I MIGHT BE SUITABLE FOR.

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  14. here we are at the end of November 2013 and what has happened – more people dying, more people poor, more people homeless, more people unemployed – with promises from Duncan Smith to make things worse by removing the WRAG – doesn’t seem like the Amnesty resolution has helped much – we need a civil war

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